My Life with My Transgender Husband

There has been no one questioned my gender identity. I was born as a woman and I look like a woman. The most importantly, I reckon myself as woman. I have never worried about people seeing me and think of me as a man. That is never my worry. The case is usually the same for most people. While I have a boyfriend or my husband-to-be, he was questioned. He is a man, he looks like a man and he think of himself as a man, while on his birth certificate, it says "female".

As a matter of fact, he is one of the transgender people. When he just transitioned, I kept his company the while time. I was his friend back then. I remembered that I was so worried that he could commit suicide anytime when I was away or when he was alone. He wanted to get out of this country and this place, away from his family, friends and even himself.

Is there any way to learn to accept the fact? Is there any possibility for the world to accept transgender people? As I hate to point it out, but the world is not ready for them.

During his transition, he stayed at my home for nearly a year until his family took him back. Even for family, the closest people he has in this world, it was not easy for them to accept the fact, let alone the rest of the world.

When he told me he was a transgender, I was a little shocked as well. For me, I just always thought he was lesbian and he was my best friend. I took days to understand him and accept the fact. I chose to stand by his side through the difficulty. During the time when he stayed at my house, we were in love. He thought I was just being pity for him and he tried to tell me that I was not seriously in love with him. I was just in love with him because he needed it, since he already lost the love from his family and he thought I was being nice to show him love. To tell the truth, I didn't know it for sure as well, but I just liked him a lot, as a man. I never considered him as a transgender man. Actually, I never considered him as a woman even before his transition. His appearance and his personality are all man-like. Besides, he was very considerate and kind to me. It is easy to fall for someone who is good to you no matter what gender the person is. I guess I am one of they called "bi". Anyway, with time went by, I was sure that I was in love with him. When he was accepted by his family and asked him to go home, I was kind of sad. I wanted to live with him.

After a few months he went home, he suggested that we should both move out and live together. My parents were very against dating a transgender person. They called it trans dating or transgender hookup. I never liked it. I was just dating someone. No big deal. I love him and who cares it is a he or she. If you must say that it is a transgender dating, I can admit it. I was on a transgender hookup relationship. So what? I insist in moving out and living with him. It has been over a year now since we moved together. I already see him as my husband no matter it is ways for us to get married. It is not important.