Tips on Passing for Transgender Women

What is passing? I'm sure this word won't be strange for most transgender people. For transgender women, passing is for them to look like women as much as possible and not being clocked or found out as transgender. Passing can be deadly important for all transgender people. Everyone knows the homicide rate of transgender people. 1 in 15 transgender hookup people are killed. There are haters everywhere. Some transgender women may be not really care about passing. They don't want the hetero-normative beauty standards get in their way to present who they want to be. But the fact is severe. This is life we are talking about. We have to face the fact. We are not living in a utopia world. In order to keep us alive and safe, we have to be passable. Passing is not only for transgenders to look more feminine and more like women. More importantly, given for safety reasons, passing is very necessary and vital, especially for transgender women.

Feminize your hair. Hair is an important symbol of women and femininity. You can wear hair extensions. Choose a color that match with your original hair color as much as possible. Wear hair extension is the most natural way to feminize your hair. But it can be very costly. Many people can't afford it. You can also buy some wigs or even get some headbands. Choosing a wig that fit for your face color and features. You don't want to look strange and discordant. Wigs need to be maintained. You need to wash them and do not just throw them in your wardrobe. Get something to have then hanged on. Comb them every time you take them down. As for headbands, get some feminine headbands. Also you have to try it on to see whether it fits you or not. In a word, you have to accentuate your femininity to look as feminine as possible. But never go over too much. Confidence is also very important for transgender dating. If you very confidently present yourself as a feminine woman, people will also receive a signal that you are a woman and feminine. They will treat you as a woman as well.

Have your ears pierced. Wearing earrings is very feminine. Ears are usually the same for men and women. The way to feminize your ears is to pierce them and wear earrings. You can wear hoops, cute diamonds and so on. Earrings can give of a very feminine vibe. But do not wear unisex earrings or men's earrings. Choose some very feminine earring to wear. You need to choose some earrings that fit with your face features as well. Fit is the rule to choose everything.

These are two little tips for you to look more passable. The two tips are very important and vital for every transgender woman on trans dating. Choosing a hair style that fit you. Choosing some feminine earrings that fit you. You may not sure what kind of hairstyle and earrings that fit. But you have to try some more times. Do not afraid to make mistake. You will get there eventually.