What Openning Line You Can Use when Chatting with Girls

Some boys told me that they felt embarrassed when they chatted with girls because they didn't know what to say. Especially in hookup apps. But I asked them if they would feel nervous if they were chatting with their family members or same-gender friends, and most of them said no. And I asked them the reason. Firstly, they knew each other very well. Secondly, they didn't have any ideas about their same genders. We can't change the second point, because we definitely want to chat with a girl because we like her, so we put our efforts on the first point. From this point, it is not difficult to see that a large part of the reason why boys are afraid to chat with girls or don't know what to talk about comes from that you lack of confidence or you are unprepared.

It's because you don't know what girls like or dislike, so you are careful about what you say. Especially when you really like this girl. You're afraid of being ignored or rejected, and you want to follow the girl's topic so that you don't make mistakes. But I want to say that this method is actually wrong. Most girls prefer to those boys who can guide them. If the boys can take the initiative, girls will feel very tired. That's probably why you talk to a girl and she doesn't reply to you anymore. You will be very confused at this time, because you think that you are completely in accordance with the girl's topic for discussion. If you want to take the initiative, you have to understand that you have to have a certain understanding of this girl. As the saying goes, know yourself and know your enemy in advance, and you will win every battle.

Especially in some BBW dating apps, when a girl becomes your friend, you can get to know the girl's daily life through her portrait, moment or home page. Most girls are willing to share their pets and favorite restaurants in the moment. You should pay attention to the information, and then you can say your opening line. For example, she posted photos of herself and her pet cat in the moment.

You can say that her cat told you that you should have her contact information. If she doesn't like to eat eggs, you can say that I am also allergic to eggs, come to talk to you. These openning lines are based on a certain understanding of her prologue. When a girl chats with you, she will feel that there is a common topic. You are quite interesting. The key point is to make her feel that you are not a casual person. In this way, her first impression of you will be much better. And it can be used for easing the embarrassment of first chatting.

Chatting with a girl in curvy dating app is not hard as we think before. If you have known her ina deep way, I believe you will successfully ask her out and you will gain more surprise.